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Made-to-measure marketing strategies

Offer bespoken digital marketing strategies that outstrip the competition among other players in your business.

Exploit digital marketing tools to increase revenue

Expedite our clients to leverage the benefits of online & offline advertising & marketing tools to make them a little more profitable than they were yesterday.

Result-driven online marketing

Building an online community that fosters the landscape of virtual marketing through a combination of technology & eccentric creativity.

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The story of how we became a brand in the online marketing world

Where do we start? When three last-bench ‘engineers’ came together to take the industry of online marketing & advertising on a madcap ride, Picaro Advertising & Marketing emanated in 2018. Since then, Picaro has been at the forefront of taking brands, businesses & influencers and launching them in the online marketing cosmos with the perfect creativity & strategy they need.

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WeWork Galaxy, Residency Road, Bengaluru

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