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Vision Statement

We cover a large range of creative projects, platforms, & campaigns with one purpose - create value.

Picaro is an Advertising & a marketing company with offices in Bangalore & Delhi. Advertising has come a long way in the past few years and it continues to change every day but no matter how the platform changes, the idea of advertising has remained the same over the years. We always believe that good execution is more important than a great plan. We help our clients leverage the benefits online & offline advertising & marketing tools to make them a little more profitable than they were yesterday.

Our response to Covid-19 & a message to our clients & partners.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize that there're flaws in every system. All the projections and assessments are out of the window and all that's left is the ground reality of things. We understand these are tough times but it will be a shame to not view this as an opportunity. The market situation created by COVID-19 pandemic has far-reaching effects and we at Picaro are here to assist you along the way.

We've made sure the continuity of service is maintained across all our brands. Even though most of the team is working from home our accounts managers & creative department are just a call away. Our priority right now is to have a short term goal that focuses on ROI & a long time plan that brings down your customer accusation cost. It's now been almost 4 months and work has now been regulated across all platforms. We thank our old clients for being with us & we welcome new businesses. 

We’re creative partners to ambitious brands


Online Advertising

SMM/SEO/Email & SMS Marketing

Out of all the advertising techniques, Online marketing & advertising seems to be the most prominent & effective currently. Online advertising is highly targeted and the easiest way to target change in revenue through advertising. The most important feature is that a lot can be done here with very limited resources.


Offline Advertising


Offline marketing is not the same what it used to be & not everybody needs it but it's still very prominent in certain sectors. In the recent years we've again started to see a trend where brands are exploring offline Advertising in a very creative & subtle manner. The high cost of space makes thing a choice for brands, not business.


Outdoor Advertising

BillBoards & Banners/Transit/POS

We've seen some of the best brand moments on billboards. We come across several billboards & transit ads and there's always that one ad that sticks around in your head like an old song. That is what every brand strives to achieve through Outdoor Advertising. 

Designed for today and built for tomorrow

Our services

UI/UX design


Graphic design




Content writing


Blog writing



Social media marketing


Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

People come first

We are a well-oiled machine. The talent we cultivate gets the importance of honing their respective crafts.
Olivia Maxwell


Sandra Turman

Graphic designer

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Glen Cloonie

Digital Strategist

"Clients are the center of our universe".

I couldn’t be happier with choosing Picaro as my branding agency. The team is truly skilled. You guys are amazing! Thank you!

Rohan Mathew

CEO, Drew education trust

The Picaro team is one of the best creative talents I have ever come across - topped with an excellent attitude and work ethic. I've used their services for social media marketing & i would highly recommend the team.

Anand Patel

Head of marketing, SLV builders

Picaro is a spectacular creative agency that can make pretty much any vision you've got come to life! Exceeding our expectations! Most importantly, they're very patient.

Farhan Ahmed

Head of marketing, Speciality hospital 

The success of your brand depends on standing out, not fitting in.

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