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Welcome to the nexus of strategy and innovation at Picaro.

Welcome to the nexus of strategy and innovation at Picaro. As we set the curve with the latest market trends and AI solutions, our collaborations become a confluence of inventive thinking, boundless creativity, and a proactive approach to the future. With a diverse range of services spanning from advertising, UI/UX design, web development, public relations, to influencer partnerships, we’re your holistic solution in the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Let’s write a success story together, transforming every challenge into a celebration of achievement.

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Our Origin Story: "From Garage to Galaxy"

Once upon a time, in 2018, Avinash Chandel had a lightbulb moment in the fast-paced, ever-bustling city of Bangalore. It might or might not have been a drunk night. What started as a social media marketing gig in a cozy garage has now skyrocketed into an all-encompassing advertising hub. Today, we're based in the swanky WeWork Galaxy, a far cry from our humble beginnings. But hey, we still have that garage spirit!
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Our Mission

Reinventing the advertising landscape with data-driven insights and creativity
To leverage our multinational presence and deep industry expertise to deliver personalised and scalable solutions
To continuously innovate our services to stay ahead the curve and provide the highest possible value to our clients
To mark a difference across diverse industries by redefining business goals and aligning them with the contemporary market expectations
To be a trusted and go-to partner for growing and evolving businesses of all sizes

What We Do:

The Swiss Army Knife of Advertising

Think of us as your advertising Swiss Army knife; we’ve got a tool for every challenge. Whether it’s designing a jaw-dropping UI/UX or influencing the influencers, we have an arsenal of services that makes even James Bond’s gadgetry look dull. whatever your business puzzles, we’ve got a solution that’s just a click away.”

Industries We Rock: "7 Flavors of Awesomeness

Jack of all trades and master of…well, seven actually! We offer our top-notch services across seven industries—



Real Estate

Health Care




Imagine us as a 7-course meal that satisfies every palate!

Culture & Learning: "Where Work Feels Like a Beach Holiday

Okay, we might not have the sand and surf, but our work culture is as chill as a coconut cocktail. Harmony, collaboration, and some spontaneous desk-dancing define our vibe. Plus, every employee gets to complete four certifications a year! We’re not just about climbing ladders; we’re about building rocket ships!
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